Teaching Writing

Teaching Writing

Level: III medio

  • Consider pages 103 and 104 from MINEDUC programme and create the sequence to achieve Learning Objective 12
  • Time: 2 sessions of 90 min.
  • Specify the objectives.
  • Consider the writing process: pre-writing (activating vocabulary/brainstorming), writing (writing task), post writing (checking, proofreading)

Create your materials using CANVA.

Paste the link below

General INFO



  • Post your links with the sequence of activities to teach:





Assessment Criteria

  • Activities and requirements: 10 pts
  • Organization of the presentation: 10 pts
  • Use of technology: 5 pts
  • Appropriateness of the materials: 5 pts
  • Objectives: 10 pts
  • Reflection: 10 pts

Total score: 50 pos

Teaching Listening

Working with Listening Skills

Read chapters 21 and 22 from Richards.

Work individually

Design an activity aimed at 1 medio.

  • The video should be 3 min app long.
  • It shouldn’t have subtitles.
  • It should clearly state a topic.
  • The quality of the audio should be high.
  • Design a sequence of activities considering the following:
  • Pre-listening activities.
  • Two types of tasks chosen from the chapter  (e labelling (e.g., buildings on a map), selecting (e.g., choosing a film
    from three trailers), drawing (e.g., symbols on a weather map), form filling (e.g., a hotel registration form), and completing a grid.
  • Examining functional language
    Inferring vocabulary meaning

Post your link below.


Teaching Pronounciation

Explore the book “Teaching Prononciation in Use”

Choose three pronounciation points and:

  • Explain each technique.
  • Create 3 activities based on the type of task presented in Teaching Pronounciation in Use.


Pronounciation points

  1. Sentence stress
  2. Pronouncing short words
  3. Joining words


  1. Listening and complete the sentence.
  2. Read the text and record yourself.
  3. Listen to the instructions and complete the picture.